Scalable Data Warehouse is a compatible python application that will make your end to end Data Warehouse affordable, reliable fast and using 100% of your big data cluster when modelling with Data Vault 2.0

Our product has the following capabilities:

  • Create Enterprise Data Warehouse tables
  • Load from current or history sources
  • Generate history automatically (SCD2)
  • Unit Testing
  • Auto-generate Data Vault Objects
  • Data retention
  • Auto-generate Datamarts
    • A virtual 3NF version of your Data Vault
    • Virtual Star Schema and Snowflake Schema (Dimensional Modelling)
    • Tabular cubes or relationshipless marts
    • Auto materialization and delta materialization of these marts
  • Parallel loading


What do you need?

Python 3.0
At least Python 3.0 installed



Data Modeller/Architect/Developer/Enthusiast

My name is Albert García, I am a Data Engineer from the year 2000 and counting. My moto was always to strive for automation without over-engineering and, particularly with Data Warehouse automation, that was always difficult to accomplish.

Since I left Barcelona, I started working on my Scalable Data Warehouse, first as an idea in the Middle East (2 years), starting the concept in Sydney Australia (4 years) and implementing it into a huge e-commerce company in Tokyo Japan (2 years). Now I am using my code again in the biggest Telecommunication companies in Switzerland.

If you want to know more about me, don’t hesitate to contact or connect via LinkedIn



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