Data Warehousing made easy 

Helping you to build your 2nd Generation Data Warehouse 

What we offer, since 2013, is to have a reliable set of rules and guidelines when developing your Data Warehouse, using a very reliable python script that will help you to finally get value out of your data using your Big Data Cluster.

Inside our solution, there are hundreds of hours, brainstorming sessions, design decisions and improvements, from 2013 to now. The solution was initially started in Sydney Australia, fully developed in Tokyo Japan and now, it is currently on its best shape in Bern (Switzerland). Nonetheless, as there is and will be always room for improvement, we are always challenging the Status Quo and applying the Japanese Kaizen methodology to keep improving, even if the solution excels already our expectations. 

Easier with no drawbacks

Our solution guarantees that your developers, analysts and architects will be able to contribute to your Data Warehouse from day 0. With no technical debt and mature enough to have peace of mind when using it.

Faster than ever

No automation tool for Data Warehouse was that easy that creating or even recreating a whole Data Warehouse was so fast

Data Warehouse on steroids

If you are struggling to have massive amounts of information, enterprise-wide, into a very expensive RDBMS (such as Teradata, Oracle, MSSQL), then you should move your DW into your Big Data Cluster