Available features:

  • Creates tables in SDW if they don’t exist
  • Load current to history or history to history
  • Automatic Unit Testing on each load
  • Auto generates Hubs based on the satellites available
  • Data retention can be applied using parameters
  • Filter by view/s or entity/ies when loading your objects (only those specified or excluding the specified ones)
  • The alert level on the logging is configurable
  • Able to dry_run (not inserting/updating due to testing)
  • Opt-Out capable platform
  • Load all tables within an object all in parallel
  • Full and delta materialization of marts based on a view
  • HDFS folders into staging layer
  • Add history Stage table, so you can load your HDFS files or Hive table into a persistent table, so you can reload your whole DW with history in one load
  • Near real-time loading (hourly loads using Deltas)

On development (release soon):

  • Auto Generate marts
    • Dimensional Modelling
      • Star Schema
      • Snowflake Schema
    • Tabular Marts
    • 3NF
    • 6NF (Anchor modelling for GraphDB)
    • Customization of marts via simple metadata
  • Run same commands in different environments and DB Engines such:
    • Teradata
    • SQL Server
    • KSQL
    • Presto
  • Continuous loading (streaming your ETL continuously)
  • Real-time

More in our Documentation (password protected)

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